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Cosplay Events

The cosplay events for DeeCon 2014 will include both a competition and a general masquerade. This will allow cosplayers with both handmade and non-handmade cosplays to present them on stage.

Applications for the competition and masquerade are to be made prior to the event. There will be no opportunity to sign up on the day.

Please sign up BEFORE Saturday the 29th of March 2014.

If you apply after this time you will be put on a waiting list and will only be entered if someone cancels their place.

However there are a maximum number of places for entrants and if this number is reached before the deadline then further applicants will be placed on a waiting list regardless of the date.

Information is provided with the application form. Please read this information. It includes important points you need to know before applying. If you have any other questions please contact:

deeconcosplay AT gmail DOT com

Competition Applicants:

The competition is for cosplayers who want their cosplay to be judged. If you wish to enter the competition your cosplay must consist mostly of pieces made from scratch or pieces that have been significantly modified by you. It is possible to enter the competition with a cosplay that someone else is modelling for you. Please read the application form for further information. All entrants will be judged during the day prior to going on stage. 

Masquerade Applicants:

The masquerade is for all cosplayers. If you want to show your cosplay off on stage but do not have a handmade cosplay please enter the masquerade. You will not qualify for the competition in a bought cosplay or one which has not been modified enough. If you have a handmade cosplay but do not wish to be judged please feel free to enter the masquerade also.

All Applicants:

Groups are welcome, however due to time restrictions skits unfortunately cannot be performed. If you are entering as a group each member must fill in their own form. There is a section for you to mention the other members of the group. It is possible to enter the masquerade with a group of people who are a mix of competition and non-competition entrants. 
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