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Northumbria University Kendo Club
5pm-6pm Mono

The Kendo demonstration has become a bit of a tradition at DeeCon. The guys are returning again this year to put on their fantastic martial arts display.

Tom Paxton AKA Tony Paxtoni 
6.30pm - 6.50pm Air Bar
Tom Paxton AKA Tony Paxtoni will be returning to DeeCon with his unique brand of musical comedy.

"Tom “Tony” Paxton “Paxtoni” is a more or less musical creature roughly the size and shape of a wind damaged patio umbrella. He is well known in Scottish convention circles for his comedic musical stylings, and when he isn't writing video-game themed parodies of pop hits he enjoys drawing, animating and humous. If you like songs about Crash Bandicoot and dinosaurs this is not an act to be missed. Not to be confused with famous folk singer, Tom Paxton."

Check it out in Air bar in the evening for some top notch pre After Party entertainment!

Tom will also have a table at the event selling prints so stop by during the day to buy some art from him and say hello 

Loud Poets
7pm - 7.20pm Air Bar

The Loud Poets will be performing comic related poetry to the nights entertainment.

Loud Poets are not a typical poetry group. This is slam-style, fist-thumping, pint-drinking poetry, and they're bringing their passion for all things geek, to DeeCon.

Mathew Barnard
7.30pm - 7.50pm 
Air Bar

Mathew Barnard will be performing game and anime themed songs!

Stuart Walker; DeeCon Magician
8.00pm - 8.05pm Air Bar

Batman and Bagpipes
8.15pm - 8.20pm Air Bar

DeeCon PubQuiz
8.30pm - 9.30pm 
Air Bar

Karaoke Open
9.40pm - 12am  Air Bar
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