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Signups will be open from 12-2 for both the Pokemon Tournaments and Brawl Tournaments with the competitions commencing at 2pm.

For both tournaments there will be a £2 entry fee. All entry fees go into the prize fund.

As well as the games tournaments there will be a selection of retro consoles and games available to play for anyone and a series of prototype games for trying courtesy of the Abertay University Games Design students.

Pokemon, SSBB and the retro games sections are located on level 3 of the DUSA building in the Liar Bar space.

Yu Gi Oh and International Tabletop Day events are hosted in level 5 of the building in the Floor 5 nightclub area.

Pokemon X & Y - 3DS

Participants must bring their own 3DS.

Batlles will be 1v1 double battles and the tournament will be single elimination.

Before the battle, players will see a preview of the opponent's team of 6 and select 4 of their own 6 to take into battle.

Teams must be composed of only Pokémon in the Central, Coastal or Mountain Kalos Pokédex (With the exceptions of Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde and Mewtwo)

Pokémon must be "Kalos Native", meaning born or captured in X or Y. This is indicated by a blue pentagon on the Pokémon summary screen.

Essentially VGC 2014 rules, full ruleset PDF here:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament - Wii

The tournament will be 4 player FFAs with 64 entry slots and the winner advancing.

After that it will be a 16 people 1v1 tournament bracket.
FFAs are 3 stock 6 minutes neutral and counterpick stages, no items.

1v1s are 3 stock 5 minutes, no items, neutral and counterpick stages.

In 4 player mode, winner advances. We qualifiers are planned to take 3 hours and the 16 player tournament bracket for qualified people will run for 1.5 hours.

There's an option for both Wiimotes and Gamecube controllers.

Yes, you can bring your own controller as long as it works.

All characters are unlocked. 

It's important you are not late! We will be announcing names via a microphone and if people don't show up, they are disqualified. 

There will only be 5 min between qualifier games. 

Yu Gi Oh

The Yu-Gi-Oh competition is taking place in floor 5 during the day.

Entry price is £3.50 and using the Advanced Banned list tournament rules.

International Tabletop Day

Also in floor 5 we are participating in International Tabletop Day. The Tabletop Day events are FREE and anyone can come along! Last year there was over 3,000 venues worldwide running this event on the same day and this year we are one of them!

So come and support the day! Join in the games and look to walk away with some free promo's!

Games available to play: 

Firefly, Smash Up, Small World, Zombicide, Game of Thrones, Munchkin, Flux, Pandemic, Star Wars X-wing Miniatures, Catan, Carcassonne and many more........

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